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Sphere Himalayan Salt Lamp (Grey)

Sphere Himalayan Salt Lamp (Grey)

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Name: Sphere Himalayan Salt Lamp
Weight: Approx. 6kg

In the package include:

1. 3 Pin Dimmer Switch (Safety Mark Approved) - 6 months warranty
2. 2 pieces of Oven-rated Bulbs


🔈Salt Lamp Benefits:

- Promote Better Sleep

- Ease Sinus, Calm Allergies and Reduce Asthma

- Balance Electromagnetic Radiation

- Cleanse, Deodorize, and Purify Air

- Enhance overall breathing


How it works?

Salt is hydroscopic which means it attracts and absorbs contaminated moisture out of the air. Many impurities we find in air, particularly in Singapore are bound up with water molecules. And indoor air is known to carry all kinds of bacteria and pollutants, the salt lamp is supposed to purify the air. Due to the heat from the bulb, the salt dries out after attracting the water molecules and in return release negative ions into the air for fresher and cleaner air.

Salt lamp is just like plant, more plant more oxygen so the heavier the lamp, the more negative ions emit from the salt lamp.


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