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Macaron Coloured Small Styrofoam Balls

Macaron Coloured Small Styrofoam Balls

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Product: Colourful Small Styrofoam Ball

♥Made from the highest quality polystyrene materials, each foam piece lightweight and buoyant, yet difficult to crush. Suitable for both children and adult homemade craft.


♥These beads are small and can fall out and cling to things easily; please handle the beads with care in order to prevent spilling or losing them.

♥Perfect material for DIY foam slime, gift box filling, glass bottles DIY, baby dolls filling, art crafts ornament, decorative ball for DIY wedding/party, floral decoration.

♥Warm Tip: Not suitable for children under 3 years old. Do not put it in mouth or nose

💡 1 pack can put box with size below 15x15x5cm (Package in 12*17cm clear bag)

💡 5 packs can put inside box with size 16x16x8cm

💡 10 packs can put box with size 25x10x20cm well

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