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Loose Fill Packing Foam Peanuts (Approx 1.7kg)

Loose Fill Packing Foam Peanuts (Approx 1.7kg)

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Quantity: Approx 1.7kg
Type: Loose Fill Packing Foam Peanut
Colour: White

📢 Anti-Static Mic-Pac® Loose Fill Packaging (Extra Large)
📢 Volume: Approx. 14 cubic feet per bag (24,192 Cubic Inch); - Approx 1700g
💡 Super-light and extremely suitable for void filling and cushioning. They flow quickly and evenly, filling all spaces around different shape and size articles.
💡 Provides superior cushioning with its unique shape material
💡 Reduces freight cost as it is lighter than most conventional packaging and dunnage materials
💡 Can be reused repeatedly as it is highly resilient
💡 Easy to use with no training required
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