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Himalayan Pink Salt Foot Dome-For Detoxing

Himalayan Pink Salt Foot Dome-For Detoxing

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Name: Himalayan Pink Salt Foot Dome-For Detoxing
Dimension: 9" diameter
Weight: Approx. 4-6kg

In the package include:

1. 3 Pin Dimmer Switch (Safety Mark Approved) - 6 months warranty
2. 2 pieces of Oven-rated Bulbs


Product Details

Get relief from common health issues such as allergies, lack of energy, and difficulty sleeping in a natural way with our unique Himalayan Salt Foot Dome Lamp. Simply place your feet on the warm, smooth surface to relieve stress, draw out toxins, increase circulation, reduce swelling, and deodorize. This foot dome also works great for hands! By utilizing reflexology, this dome can effectively detox your entire body at home. Enjoy a soothing warm amber glow when lit for an even more relaxing and calming detoxification process. Don't let these common health issues plague you any longer - try the Himalayan Salt Foot Dome today!



The smooth salt surface is carefully carved from natural Himalayan pink salt crystal and placed on a stunning rosewood base. We prioritize quality and durability, ensuring each dome is made to last and prevent breakage. Please note that each Foot Dome is uniquely handmade with naturally & ethically sourced materials, so you can expect slight variations in color, size, and shape.



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