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60cm x 50m Air Column Bag

60cm x 50m Air Column Bag

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Quantity: 1pcs
Product: Air Column Bag
Dimension: 60cm (Height) x 50m (Length)
Colour: Transparent

⭐ Very sturdy and durable bottle bubble wrap protective cover, the inflatable column can be safely transported to avoid cracking and deformation.
⭐ Inflate the bubble bag with an air pump and it can be used in just a few seconds. It can be used to protect wine bottles, electronic equipment, fragile goods, etc.
⭐ You can use it to protect your wine bottles, glasses, electronic devices, cups, and any other fragile cargo.
⭐ Inflate the bubble bag with the air pump(not included), it only takes a few seconds and ready to use, which is extremely convenient and practical.
⭐ The air column bag adopts high-quality co-extrusion film, which is very strong and durable for safe transportation and delivery while avoiding breakage and deformation.

Inflatable Air Machine 
✔️ Auto pump function
✔️Easy to on/off button
✔️ can work for a long time

💡Product Highlight
✔️ Hight Quality Air Valve
✔️ 360 protection
✔️ suitable for fragile item
✔️ Quality PE Materials

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