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48mm x 50m Kraft Paper Tape

48mm x 50m Kraft Paper Tape

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Type: Kraft Paper Tape
Dimension: 48mm x 50m
Thickness: 120mic

❤️Kraft paper tapes have a natural rubber based adhesive system that makes an excellent bond to most packing products and surfaces. 

It is an approved packing tape by the U.S. 
Postal Service and UPS. Its typical applications include carton sealing, packing, splicing, freezer tape, and straight-line masking.

💡Product Highlight
✔️ 72pc/carton (48mm x 50m)
✔️ Silent & Laminate 
✔️ Strong Toughness
✔️ Good Adhesion
✔️ Wrapped Tight
✔️ Go Green, upgrade your brand

1 roll = 1 piece
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