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4-Cup Paper Holder

4-Cup Paper Holder

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Material: Paper
Dimension: 21.6cm x 17cm x 3.6cm (Length x Width x Height)
Material: Paper
Colour: Brown

💡Product Highlight

🔎 Mighty drink trays are extra sturdy, and are perfect for holding four drinks in one hand. A tray can hold a range of drink sizes from 8oz to 24oz, and can be split down the middle to hold two drinks.



● Made from sturdy board

● Holds up to four drinks

● Can be split to hold two drinks (for 4-cup holder)



Flat packed for easy storage in-store

Easy to form for rapid service

Allows for safe transportation of beverages

Recyclable and reusable


You get a value pack of 25/sleeve, 2 OR 4-cup drink trays. Made of quality material that ensures that paperboard won’t rip and will hold up to the food being placed in it. It accommodates four cups or containers easily.

These drink carriers are also environmentally friendly and 100% biodegradable, making it perfect for the environment-conscious consumer.

Unlike other flimsy trays, our cup holders won’t fold or collapse. Flat carton-style of this 4 cup carrier ensures that the beverages get ample support when you transport them from one place to the another.

Each tray is conveniently designed to perfectly fit your soda can or water bottle. Unique design helps to distribute the cups' weight, making carrying easy. The cups secure your drinks in place preventing spills.

Our durable drink carriers are perfect for food delivery services, uber eats, door dash, stadiums, coffee shops, juice bars and more!

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