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16 Inch Blue

16 Inch Blue

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Product Description:

*NOTE: Please indicate the number in your order remarks when you check out!

 1 quantity = 1 number


 Celebrate your milestone birthday, an anniversary or special occasion with these beautiful foil number balloons. These balloons are a great way to make a statement at your next celebration!

 🎈 Available in FOUR popular colours 🎈

1) Gold

2) Silver

3) Rose Gold

4) Blue

 🛒 NOW SELLING EACH NUMBER BALLOON from $2.20 (16-inch)

*Please note that manual air pumps and helium tanks are not provided, and will need to be purchased separately!

*NOTE: Please indicate the number in your order remarks when you check out!

 ⭐️ Three sizes available: 16-INCH / 32-INCH / 40-INCH

- 16-inch number balloons do not require helium and are to be filled with air (using either a straw or air pump)! Pair them together with the 16-inch Happy Birthday set for a complete look! There are tabs on top of each number to string them up!

- 32 OR 40-inch number balloons are compatible with both HELIUM and AIR! If you'd like the balloon to float, inflate it with HELIUM!

 🔎 Interested in inflating your own helium latex or foil balloons?

We sell small and large DISPOSABLE helium tanks at our shop! The small tank is suitable for inflating a 40-inch number and a few other latex/foil balloons, while the large tank is good for multiple 40-inch numbers.

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