Ride like the wind!

Ride like the wind!

Is your child feeling bored? Let them have fun with our Genconnect Kid Scooter! Suitable for kids aged 3-7 years old! Let's find out more about the Kid Scooter!


Our Kids Scooter:

Designed for the youngest riders, Our Genconnect Scooter is ideal to develop balance and help your child learn to ride and master the scooter, low foot rest and height-adjustable handlebars for your child's future growth.

Benefits of riding a scooter:

Now let’s take a closer look at the most significant health benefits of riding a scooter.

Burn more calories:

The total of calories that you burn when scooting lies between that of running & cycling. The benefit of scooting over running is that you will find some injuries. One study showed that one hour of scooting could burn up to 950 calories.

Improve your mental health:

Scooting is such an outdoor exercise that can make you feel much healthier, especially when it comes to emotional & mental prosperity. 

According to the report of an expert personal trainer, riding a scooter could be an excellent workout for those who want to reduce stress & anxiety to feel happier in their life.

Our Genconnect Kid Scooters also provide a safety helmet set along with the scooter!

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