Genconnect: Lanyards: Where to keep them

Genconnect: Lanyards: Where to keep them

Lanyards can be kept in various places depending on your needs and the number of lanyards you have. Here are some suggestions on where to keep lanyards:

  1. Drawer Organizer: A designated drawer in your home or office with compartments can be a great place to keep lanyards. This will keep them organized and easily accessible.

  2. Lanyard Holder: There are specific holders designed to store multiple lanyards. These can be hung on a wall or door, making it easy to grab one when needed.

  3. Hooks: Install hooks on the wall or inside a closet to hang lanyards. This method is simple and allows you to easily see and choose a lanyard.

  4. Pegboard: A pegboard with hooks can be used to store and organize lanyards along with other items.

  5. Lanyard Box: You can use a box or container specifically designed to store lanyards. This can be placed on a shelf or in a drawer.

  6. Key Rack: If you have a key rack, you can hang lanyards there as well.

  7. Lanyard Stand: A small stand designed for holding lanyards can be placed on a desk or table for easy access.

  8. Zipper Pouch: A zipper pouch can be used to store lanyards, especially if you need to transport them.

  9. Hanging Closet Organizer: A hanging organizer with pockets can also be used to store lanyards and keep them visible.

  10. Office Supply Organiser: Use a multi-compartment organiser typically used for office supplies to store lanyards neatly.

Remember to keep the lanyards in a place that is easily accessible and suits your personal or organisational needs.

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