Genconnect: Kids Scooter: Perfect Place & Time to Play

Genconnect: Kids Scooter: Perfect Place & Time to Play

Riding a kid's scooter can be a fun and enjoyable activity for children, but it's essential to ensure their safety. Here are some safety tips to consider when riding a kid's scooter:

  1. Wear a Helmet: A helmet is the most crucial piece of safety equipment. It should fit properly and be worn at all times when riding a scooter.

  2. Use Protective Gear: In addition to a helmet, children should wear knee and elbow pads to protect against scrapes and bruises.

  3. Choose the Right Size Scooter: Ensure the scooter is the appropriate size for the child. A scooter that is too large or too small can be challenging to control and may increase the risk of accidents.

  4. Inspect the Scooter Regularly: Before each use, check the scooter for any damage or loose parts. Ensure the brakes are working correctly.

  5. Ride in Safe Areas: Children should ride their scooters in safe, designated areas away from traffic, such as sidewalks, parks, or playgrounds. Avoid riding on busy streets or near cars.

  6. Learn and Follow Traffic Rules: Teach children to obey traffic rules and signals, even when riding on sidewalks. They should be aware of their surroundings and look out for pedestrians and other obstacles.

  7. Ride During Daylight Hours: It's safer to ride during daylight hours when visibility is better. If riding in the evening, wear bright clothing and use lights or reflective gear to be more visible to others.

  8. Practice Proper Riding Techniques: Teach children how to ride their scooters safely, including how to balance, turn, and stop correctly. Encourage them to ride at a controlled speed and avoid sudden movements.

  9. Supervise Young Children: Younger children should be supervised by an adult when riding a scooter to ensure they are riding safely and following the rules.

  10. Avoid Riding in Wet or Slippery Conditions: Wet or slippery surfaces can make it challenging to control the scooter and increase the risk of accidents. Avoid riding in these conditions.

  11. Educate About Hand Signals: If your child is riding in areas with other people or near roads, teach them basic hand signals to indicate when they are turning or stopping.

  12. Encourage Safe Riding Habits: Teach children to be aware of their surroundings, not to ride too fast, and to keep both hands on the handlebars at all times.

Where to play & ride safely:

  1. Local Parks and Playgrounds:

    • Many parks have paved paths or areas designated for scooters and bicycles. Look for parks with smooth, flat surfaces and minimal traffic.
  2. Bike paths & trails
    • Many cities have bike paths and trails that are suitable for scooters. These paths are usually well-maintained and free from cars.
  3. Empty Basketball or Tennis Courts:
    • These courts offer smooth surfaces and are usually free from obstacles. Just make sure to check the area for any potential hazards before letting the kids ride.


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