Brighten your health up: Himalayan Salt Lamps

Brighten your health up: Himalayan Salt Lamps

Having difficulties dealing with allergies? The Himalayan Salt Lamp is just for you! The crystal like lamp will ease your allergies in a week or 2! Impressive isn't it? It's suitable for families with children or elderlies. Now let's explore the origins and use of a salt lamp!

History of the Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan salt lamps are decorative lamps carved from pink salt crystals mined from the Himalayan region, primarily in Pakistan. The salt used in these lamps is believed to come from ancient sea beds formed millions of years ago. The unique pink colour of the salt is attributed to the presence of trace minerals, such as iron, magnesium, potassium, and calcium.

Benefits of the Himalayan Salt Lamp

Firstly, it helps boost your sleep. The negative ions produced by salt lamps are thought to increase the flow of oxygen to the brain, and the soft light they emanate are conducive to relaxation and regulating your natural body clock. It also helps ease allergies. Himalayan salt lamps remove microscopic particles of dust, pet dander, mould, mildew and the like from the surrounding air, placing a lamp or two in the rooms where you spend the most time can help reduce allergy symptoms.

How to use a Salt Lamp

To effectively use a salt lamp, you must keep it where you spend most of your time, such as your office, living room, or bedroom. Turning on the salt lamp will create a warm and calming ambiance, and it is ideal to use it before bedtime as it helps with relaxation.


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